Senin, 28 Juni 2010

The differences between Traditional food and fast food

As we know that food is primer necessity for creatures especially for human because it can supply energy. Do you know about traditional food and junk food? In the world, people know there are many kinds of foods such as traditional food and junk food. Traditional food and Junk food have differences in taste, ingredients, risk for our body and the way of boil.

Traditional food is kind of food which is unique from every places. Traditional food is made by herbal plant which have many nutrients, original taste and more delicious. Also traditional food does not have preservation, flavor enhancer and coloring. It is very save to consume. In the other hand, traditional food sometimes need a long times to boil. It shows that traditional food is still defending taste.

It is different from junk food or people usually called fast food. Junk food is kind of food very easy boil, practice and served very quickly. Although Junk food has zero nutrients, some of people more choose it. Besides that, Junk food provides the taste which is the most attractive with many addicted ingredients and preserving to give delicious taste food. It shows that Junk food is not good for our body if we consume a long time. Equally, it will disturb our system organ such as heart attract and high cholesterol. Also, why people more choose Junk food because it is effective for people, they only need a lot of minutes for boil and served very quickly.

As a result, both of them have differences not only for taste, ingredients, and risk for our body but also the way of boiling process. However, we must smart to choose food to avoid disease and keep our system organ because prevention is the best way.

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